K98 Ammunition Pouches, Riveted Variant

K98 Ammunition Pouches, Riveted Variant

Product Details

K98 Ammunition Pouches, riveted construction in pebble grain black leather. Each compartment is complete with a rawhide divider for the 5 round striper clips, each pocket holds two 5 round clips when totaled these pouches hold 60 rounds.

These are a mid to late war variant. The main difference between these and early versions is the riveted/stitched construction vs being fully hand stitched. The other difference is the belt loops on the back these are rivited at the top and bottom of the loops where the earlier versions ran longer and secured to the same rivet the front strap secured to.

It takes 6 clips to fill one pouch so if you have two pouches you need 12 clips. (Ammo not include when purchasing clips)