EM Service Belt - Black Leather

EM Service Belt - Black Leather

Product Details

New reproduction Enlisted mans black leather belt. These belts were issued to all Soldat for wear in garrison or in combat.
The belts are made rough side out cowhide leather and hand sewn together using white linen thread. The smooth inner side of the belt will darken with time and use. We also went the extra step and added the proper gray belt hooks (hooks were reproduced using an unissued original Assmann belt hook).

These are a very nice quality made belt.

You now have the option to add a basic Economy EM buckle for an addition $20.00)

Finding Your Size:
1. When sizing yourself for a German belt you need to take into consideration the fact that it is worn over a tunic, greatcoat, parka, smock etc.
2. The Germans made belts in metric sizes which is the overall length of the belt not the actual waist measurement. For example a 150cm belt measures 150cm from end to end.
3. The sizes listed are the belts exact measurements please measure yourself just above your belly button with your tunic on.
4. When you add a buckle to the belt it increases the belts length by about 1 inch (3cm)