WWII German Tropical Pith Helmet

WWII German Tropical Pith Helmet
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Reproduction WW2 German DAK Pith Helmet. There were a few variations issued during the war and this is the second type. The Type1's were constructed using multiple pieces of fabric on the domed upper part, the Type2 is simply one piece stretched over the dome and Type3's were made of felt.

These are made of a nice quality green/brown cotton canvas on the outside and a green cotton inside complete with adjustable leather sweat band.

These are complete with our quality Pith Helmet decals and an ORIGINAL set of tinted dust goggles.

Decals: You can pick from three different options.
1) Army (Silver Eagle with National Colors)
2) Kriegsmarine (Gold Eagle with National Colors)
3) SS (Runes with Party Logo Add $5)

Sizing: These are a one size fits all and can adjust from about a size 56 to 61

Warning: None of these are perfect. The compressed material on the inside of these can get dented and most of them have a blemish or two due to the manufacturer not packing them well enough before shipping them. You can see blemishes on the one photo'd