Heer M40 Tropical Tunic

Heer M40 Tropical Tunic

Product Details

Tropical M40 Tunic made of a 100% cotton twill material. These tunics features four pleated pockets, first aid pouch pocket, and internal support tabs. These were worn by the Afrikakorps troops and also used in southern Europe. Basic infantry shoulder boards are included. We carry a line of insignia which can be purchased separately.

Size Chart:
**Length is measured shoulder to bottom
**These are exact sizes so if your chest measures 40" you will need a 42" or Medium tunic so that you will be able to wear a shirt or sweater underneath

Size S Chest: 40" Sleeve: 23" Length: 28"
Size M Chest: 42" Sleeve: 24" Length: 29"
Size L Chest: 44" Sleeve: 25" Length: 30"
Size XL Chest: 46" Sleeve: 26" Length: 31"
Size XXL Chest: 48" Sleeve: 27" Length: 32"
Size 3XL Chest: 50" Sleeve: 28" Length: 33"

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