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M1936 Suspenders, JQMD

M1936 Suspenders, JQMD

Product Details

Reproduction US WWII M1936 Combat Suspenders. These were worn by the infantry and paratroopers in the US Army during WWII. The Musstte bags could be attached to these and worn like a backpack which replaced the bulky Haversack.

The JQMD line is our new line of reproduction US gear which we developed as an alternative to other more expensive reproductions. The quality itself is remarkably better than other imported reproductions on the market; the canvas and webbing used are the correct type and size - the colors are also the same as original WWII issued gear - hardware is also resonably strong and will not bend or break easily. We have been going around in circles for years trying to come up with an affordable line of US Gear and need less to say we are happy with the final results.