M2 Paratrooper Knife

M2 Paratrooper Knife

Product Details

Reproduction of the US M2 Paratrooper Knife. Originals were designed to be a switchblade style knife which allowed airborne troops to cut them selves out of an entangled parachute cord after landing.

These knives look great and compare fairly well to our originals however they do not pop out like a switchblade. The buttons release of the blade and allow it to pop out about an inch, then you need two hands to fully open the knife. The blade lock functions as it should, it locks the blade either open or closed. When carrying in your pocket you should always have the safety lock engaged all it takes is a little bump of the button and the knife pops open.

These reproductions are metric and can not be used to repair originals. The blade are marked "stainless" and do not have a maker mark. Good copies that compare nicely to originals but are not 100% they do make a really nice pocket knife as well.