Winter Fur Cap (Ushanka) (Out Of Stock)

Winter Fur Cap (Ushanka) (Out Of Stock)

Product Details

Reproduction WW2 German Winter Fur Cap or Ushanka. These caps are made using European Rabbit fur and have a fieldgrey wool body with cotton or rayon lining. The ear flaps are held in the up position using a loop and button, when the flaps are unbuttoned they can be tied under your chin using the cloth ties. The visor is tacked open and was almost never used in the down position. Some soldiers would sew or pin metal cap badges on the fronts of these the most common is the metal Heer Cap Eagle. Available in Sizes 58. 59 and 60.

The fur colors vary a little but not much from the one shown in the photo, if the color is an issue please give us a call and we can let you know what we have.

These are very limited we were only able to have a few of each size made.

Made In Europe