M43 Field-Gray Wool Trousers

M43 Field-Gray Wool Trousers

Product Details

Reproduction M43 Field-grey wool trousers. Features two side pockets a rear pocket and a watch pocket, two waist adjustment straps, belt loops and size markings. Very nice and accurate reproduction.

Measuring Yourself: Please measure yourself around where your true waist is which is around the navel area. DO NOT!!! I repeat DO NOT just go by the size inside your Levi's jeans, you will most likely end up ordering the wrong size. Most US pants actually measure a few inches larger than what they say and no one wears there pants around there true waist which is where these trousers sit.
Size Chart:
Size S Trouser - Waist: 32" Inseam: 28" Full length: 40''
Size M Trouser - Waist: 34" Inseam: 29" Full length: 41''
Size L Trouser - Waist: 36" Inseam: 30" Full length: 42''
Size XL Trouser - Waist: 38" Inseam: 31" Full length: 43''
Size XXL Trouser - Waist: 40" Inseam: 32" Full length: 44''
Size 3XL Trouser - Waist: 42" Inseam: 33" Full length: 45''