German WWII Tornister Backpack (Defects)

German WWII Tornister Backpack (Defects)

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ALL SALES FINAL (Please read description)
There are two defects on these. One just about all of the hardware is starting to rust which you can see in the photos. The second issue is when they made these they put the bolt that holds the should traps thru the holes then assembled the slide part which keeps the bolt in place, as a result you have to take the bolts apart to get the straps off. To fix the bolt issue you will have to disassemble them and make the holes for the bolts larger. After you do this the bolts will have to be reassembled and then it can be used the way its supposed to be. We don't have the time to do the work to these so we are selling them as is.

New Reproduction WWII German Tornister Backpack. These were reproduced by one of our overseas manufacturers using one of our originals. They are made from the proper olive linen fabric and quality cowhide leather fittings. The packs are sewn together using linen thread.

We decided not to do the fur version as we could not find a steady supply. This is also the version which did not have the Mess Tin pouch which is why they are not present in the pack. We have had many originals with and without the Mess Tin pouch and in many cases it was simply cut out by the soldat.

These are sold in sets which means you get the Tornister shoulder straps and the D-rings, everything you see in the picture comes with the set.