German M24 Stick Grenade (Out Of Stock)

German M24 Stick Grenade (Out Of Stock)

Product Details

New high quality M-24 Stick grenade (Stielhandgranate 24) also known as a Potato Masher. These have all the detail of an original including removable die-struck metal heads and crafted wood handles.

The top of the head is stamped with manufacturer number code, date and waffenamt, finished with dark fieldgray paint and lettering: VOR GEBRAUCH SPRENGKAPSEL EINSETZEN, "BEFORE USE, INSERT DETONATOR".

The smooth unfinished hollowed out wood handle is stamped with maker code hkz, waffenamt and dated 39. Some of the handle markings are faint but they are there. The bottom of the handle is fitted with a threaded screw cap hiding the porcelain ball and pull cord. These feel like the real thing. The handles are an unfinished but could still use a quick rub with a fine grit sandpaper to look a little more like the 75+ year old originals.

Overall length: 14 1/4 inches
Handle: 11 inches
Canister: 3 1/4 inches