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German Canteen Cover, 1 Liter (Out Of Stock)

German Canteen Cover, 1 Liter (Out Of Stock)

Product Details

These are our new reproduction canteen covers made for the German 1 Liter Canteen. The wool felt is identical in color, fabric, and thickness to the original it was copied from. They have the proper rivet on the bottom and the leather parts are cowhide leather and re-enforced on the inside. These are unlike others that are available for sale from numerous vendors.
Put that original cover away for safe keeping and replace it with one of these.

Fitting: We have discovered that there are two different size 1 liter bottles one is shorter and wider the other is tall and skinny. These covers will fit both models of 1 liter canteens all you simply have to do is wet the cover and stretch it a little. After you get the buttons snapped just let it sit and dry.