WWII German MP40 Sling

WWII German MP40 Sling

Product Details

New reproduction MP38 & MP40 SMG slings. These slings are assembled using quality hand stitched leather, the proper hardware and embossed using the correct cross hatch pattern. These natural leather slings measure approximately 120cm and will take dye or oil well. These will darken over time and with some use. Not available from any other vendor.

Options: We took a small batch and tested out oiling and dying them and we were very pleased with the results, so we decided to offer these in a few different options.
Oiled: These come with a coat of neatsfoot oil on them.
Dyed & Oiled: These are dyed with a light brown and then oiled to give them more of a aged/used look.

Markings: These are all marked with a Waffenamt and the MP38.u. 40 stamp here in our shop. Just like originals the markings can be difficult to see and as they are used they will become more and more faint. 

Care: Use Neatsfoot or Mink oil and simply work it into the leather with a rag and wipe off the excess. Do not soak them in a bucket.