M31 Canteen, Economy (Out Of Stock)

M31 Canteen, Economy (Out Of Stock)

Product Details

New Reproduction German M31 Canteen, ECONOMY VERSION. These are made with new aluminum 750ml bottles aluminum caps and cups. We have die-cut some new rubber gaskets for the inside of the cap so your bottle will not leak. Unfortunately the cups are painted black, this is easy to fix with some green camo paint bought at your local hardware store. Good for spare parts or a display item.

Note: The Covers vary in color from a grey to a blue grey

Defects:These are an economy version and have rubberized leather straps, the covers occasionally have small holes in them and the cups can have chips in the paint or small dings.

Warning: We do not recommend these for reenacting, they simply will not last long in the field with the rubber straps. These are good for display or if you need some parts.