M31 Canteen (Economy)

M31 Canteen (Economy)

Product Details

New Reproduction German M31 Canteen. This is an economy version meaning it does not have some of our quality parts on it. It is still a good usable canteen at a decent price.

Made with new aluminum 750ml bottles caps and cups. The straps are made of a 7 oz leather with correct hardware however these lack the rawhide reinforcement for the snap hook. The felt covers are the correct color but a little fuzzy, they do have the proper embossed snaps. The caps come with a rubber gasket to prevent leaks.

Defects: All of the cups do have small nicks in the paint and possibly a small dent. These small problems will not prevent the canteen from doing its job. We would not send out a cup if it were crushed or a cover if it had a large tear in it, you will get a completely usable canteen that will most likely be with you for years to come.