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Splinter Camo Zeltbahn (Out Of Stock)

Splinter Camo Zeltbahn (Out Of Stock)

Product Details

Reproduction WW2 Wehrmacht splinter camo zeltbahn. This were used by all branches of the German Army throughout WW2, yes even the SS occasionally used them. These could be used as a poncho, a sheet, a lean-to, and buttoned together to make small and large tents for multiple soldiers, the most common being the 4 man pyramid tent.
These are made of 100% cotton yarn that is tightly knit. They are also treated with Teflon to make them even better at repelling water.
The buttons and grommets are zinc plated and look identical to the originals. They look a little shinny but they will get duller with use.
These are not made by STURM

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