E-Tool Carrier - Black Leather

E-Tool Carrier - Black Leather

Product Details

New reproduction carrier for the straight handle E-tool (Tragetasche fur Schanzzeug). These were standard issued to all branches of the German Army during WW2.  Very similar to there WWI predecessors they came in a few different variations. This is a copy of the most common variant used during the War. The covers are designed like a pocket so that the shovel can slide between two layers and then be secured using the strap. The strap itself was made long enough so that the bayonet scabbard could also be secured to reduce rattling.

Made of a good quality cow hide leather that is sprayed black on the smooth side and then hand stitched together using waxed linen cord. These are made exclusively for Kelley's Military and are not the same smelly urine tanned covers sold by nearly every other Tom, Dick and Harry.

Marking: All Are Waffenamt on the rough inside of the carrier.