SS M36 Chained Dagger

SS M36 Chained Dagger

Product Details

Our New WWII German M1936 SS Officer Chained dagger is one of the nicest reproductions we have ever offered. These were produced exclusively for us using an original model.

The steel painted scabbard features the correct SS Runes and Skull chain and is complete with the SS proof marking and proper snap clip.

The carbon steel blades are nicely polished and feature the SS motto "Meine Ehre Hesit Treue" that is acid etched into the blade. These do not have a maker mark which is correct for an original chained dagger set (dagger & scabbard) when purchased together. We often see some originals with the makers on the blades, this is because the owner was previously issued an SS Dagger and after 1936 became eligible for a chained dagger. Since the owner already had the SS Dagger they chose to just purchase the chained scabbard.

The blades are fitted with an ebony wood grip featuring the grip eagle and SS Runes button. All of the metal fittings are made of German Silver and will not chip or flake over time, however they will aquire a patina over time.

An absolutely gorgeous reproduction of a very sought after and rare dagger which would make a nice addition to any collection

Blade Length: 8 3/4"

Overall Length: 14 1/2"