Heer Soldbuch

Heer Soldbuch
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Excellent copy of the WW2 German Heer paybook. These books were reproduced by us and were printed on an actual Printing Press. The pages are a little thicker than normal news print used in originals to prevent ink bleeding. These feature a textured cover, proper font and are completed with a brown cloth binding tape just like the originals. These are much more accurate then others offered by dealers.


The Heer Soldbuch was manufactured in a few different versions during the course of WWII. We are offering the most common variant which was the first version printed near the outbreak of the war when the Soldbuch was introduced. Millions were printed, and stocks of this version continued to be issued throughout the war. In 1940 this version was updated with 4 additional pages, labeled 8a through 8d. We have these pages and can offer the books with them for an addition cost of $2.