Camouflage Rank Insignia

Camouflage Rank Insignia

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Reproduction Heer/SS Camouflage Rank Insignia. These are new old stock we are not even really sure how long ago we had these made but we found a bunch in our warehouse. These are screen printed on green or yellow cotton backing. Some of these show a little discoloration from being in storage but they are all very usable. The only ranks we have are the ones shown in the photo and we have a very limited amount of certain ranks.
These were designed originally for the Heer however the SS eventually adopted the same insignia. The only rank that the Heer did not have an SS equivelant for was the Senior Colonel (Oberfuhrer) as a result the SS created one which was basically identical to the Colonel rank except they added an additional bar to the bottom. So this is why there is one lonely SS rank listed in the drop down menu.

If you have questions about the ranks please contact us.

To attach these you will need to fold and iron around the edges then simply sew them on.

These are sold in sets one for each army.