WWII German Jackboots, Late War (Fredericci)

WWII German Jackboots, Late War (Fredericci)

Product Details

Fredericci Brand (Made In Poland)

New Reproduction Late War Jackboots. These boots are made by Fredericci out of Poland and they are absolutely gorgeous, they stand behind their products so much that they offer a 2 year limited warranty (details below).

We have been working with Fredericci extensively on these boots for close to a year and we now have a quality boot at an unbelievable price that cannot be beat. These boots were made from the ground up by taking apart originals and using them for templates.

The boots are constructed using a 2.5-3mm natural veg tanned cow hide leather with smooth uppers and rough out lowers. These are fully impregnated (oil/grease) and dyed black. The soles/heels are made out of a very specific Italian sole leather that is oiled and machine waxed to seal them up tight. 

Just like the originals the uppers and soles are attached using the blake welting method as well as 2 rows of wood pegs. The wood pegs go all the way thru and are not just there for show.
The blake welting method or blake stitch explained; the upper is wrapped around the insole and attached between it and the out-sole. A single stitch attaches everything together. This process allows the sole to be removed when it is worn out or damaged so a new one can be installed.

The bottom of the boots are finished off with reproduction steel heel/toe irons and hobnails, again these were reproduced using originals.

Sizing: The boots are measured in centimeters. We strongly recommend you measure yourself and not just go by the size inside your Nike basketball sneakers.

Finding Your Size: On a hard surface (not a rug) wearing socks stand on a piece of paper and draw an outline of your foot. Take the outline and measure it from the longest points toe to heel in centimeters. Then add 1.5 to 2 centimeters to that measurement this will give you your size.
Example: If your outline measures 28cm add 1.5cm = 29.5cm

Widths: These are all a standard D width with each size they get a little wider.

Markings on Upper Explained: Example 29  6  39  229 (the last two numbers don't really mean anything for sizing)
29  insoles measurement in cm
6  width of insole/foot in cm (This is a D standard width)
39  date of production
229  factory number

Break In:
First soak the lowers (about to the top of the ankle) with water and let them sit for a few minutes. DO NOT WET THE UPPERS this could deform them. Put on whatever socks you might wear when using your boots. After a few minutes the boots should dry out a little so they are not soaking wet put them on. Wear your boots around until they are dry. After they are fully dry then you need to grease them with some shoe grease this will make them water repellent. We sell Huberd's Shoe grease and we recommend you purchase some with the boots to save on shipping.

Care: You will need to seal them from time to time depending on how much you use them, best thing to use is a type of shoe grease such as Huberd's. We sell the shoe grease and recommend you purchase a can with a new pair of boots to save on shipping.

NEVER DRY THEM INFRONT OF A FIRE OR WITH A BLOW DRYER ETC. This goes for reenactment campfires as well. After use unlace them and simply let them air dry, if you want to speed up the process you can blow on them a little but you might get light headed.

Warranty:  2-year guarantee (elements that wear out - heel irons, nails, toecaps are not covered). The warranty does not cover mechanical damage or resulting from improper use!