ID Disc Stamping Service

ID Disc Stamping Service

Product Details

We are now offering a stamping service for ID Discs. We hand stamp these with letter stamps from Germany, using a correct German font designed in the 1930s and used for ID discs during WWII. We will try and do these as straight as we can but it is almost impossible to get these perfect when hand stamping.

We have set this up so you can purchase the ID Disc, add neck cord and then add stamping to the Disc.


Here are a few rules to filling these out.
1. Blood Group Line: if not applicable put NA into the text field and we will not put a blood group on the disc.
2. Roll Number Line: should be no more than 4 numbers.
3. Unit Line: can have up to 22 characteristics spaces are consider characteristics.
4. Unit Line: fill this line out how you would like the ID disc text to look. Capital letters, lower case letters, periods, slash marks and spaces. For example if you want all capitals fill it out like so 1/INF. ERS. BTL. 309.
5. SS Runes:We now have the SS runes stamp, if you would like the Runes in place of the "SS" on your ID disk please check the box saying so, if you do not want them do not check the box.