Heer M43 Wool Tunic

Heer M43 Wool Tunic

Product Details

Reproduction Heer M43 tunic. Very nice reproduction which features the field-grey collar, four patch pockets, first aid pocket, with authentic size markings on the inside liner. The overall length is short the arm holes are small and the back is narrow, this gives the wearer the overall feeling of smallness in the arm and shoulder area and a form fitting feeling in the body. Made of a heavy quality German style wool. These come with infantry shoulder boards but all other insignia and tunic hooks are sold separately.

Size Chart:
**Length is measured shoulder to bottom
**These are exact sizes so if your chest measures 40" you will need a 42" or Medium tunic so that you will be able to wear a shirt or sweater underneath

Size S Chest: 40" Sleeve: 23" Length: 28"
Size M Chest: 42" Sleeve: 24" Length: 29"
Size L Chest: 44" Sleeve: 25" Length: 30"
Size XL Chest: 46" Sleeve: 26" Length: 31"
Size XXL Chest: 48" Sleeve: 27" Length: 32"
Size 3XL Chest: 50" Sleeve: 28" Length: 33"