SS Blurred Edge Smock Type II

SS Blurred Edge Smock Type II

Product Details

Reproduction WW2 German SS Type II Blurred Edge Smock. These smocks feature elastic cuffs and waist band machine sewn eyelets, rayon drawstring, HBT reversible pockets, and loops for attaching foliage on the upper body. The smock is reversible from spring to fall colors.

Sizing Info:
These are designed to fit over our uniforms so please measure yourself wearing your tunic and whatever else you might wear underneath this smock.

Sleeves are measured a little differently than tunics. The sleeves are measured from the neck to the wrist, the extra bell piece that goes around your hands is not included in that measurement. The neck of the smock will sit on the outside of the tunic collar wresting on your shoulder. If you have any questions please email or call us.

In the future we will only be carrying Larger sizes (XL, XXL and 3XL) because all originals were very large and not small, if you look at historical photos some guys look like they could swim inside there smock. So small, medium and larges will be phased out.

Size Chart:

Size S Chest: 46" Sleeve: 25"
Size L Chest: 50" Sleeve: 26"
Size XL Chest: 52" Sleeve: 26.5"
Size XXL Chest: 54" Sleeve: 27"
Size 3XL Chest: 56" Sleeve: 28"