US Mackinaw Jeep coat - Defect

US Mackinaw Jeep coat - Defect

Product Details

Defect: The wool liner does not extend far enough down the collar (See Photos). If you can get passed this small imperfection they are still a very nice jacket.

Reproduction US Mackinaw more commonly known as a Jeep Coat. These jackets were worn over the M41 field-jacket because they provided an extra layer of warmth and came in handy when driving around in an open Jeep.

Our jackets are made of an Olive Drab (OD) 100% cotton poplin fabric with a wool mix inner liner. The jacket closes using a wrap over design and 4 large brown buttons. The collar can be pulled up and wrap around your neck and face to keep you warm. The jacket also features two lower hand pockets a wide belt and strap adjusters on the wrists for tightening.

Sizing: These jackets are sized just like a suite coat so there is enough room underneath to wear a shirt but if you plan on wearing anything else underneath like a sweater or M41 jacket you will need to buy a size or two larger. For Example a size 44R will measure at about a 46 inch chest to allow room for a shirt but not much else.

Sleeve & Jacket Lengths: (measurements are in inches)
Full Length Approximately 32.5 inches on all sizes (measured base of collar to bottom)
Sleeve Approximately 27 inches on all sizes (Measured shoulder seem to end of cuff)