Wachbataillon Boots Size 285 (US 10.5)

Wachbataillon Boots Size 285 (US 10.5)

Product Details

German Bundeswehr Wachbataillon Boots Size 285 which is about a US Size 10.5. These are all previously issued boots but still in very usable condition. Most reenactors use these for an officers style boot. To look a little more accurate you can have a cobbler remove the thin rubber piece and add a leather half-sole. These are getting very hard to find in good condition.

Condition: We have taken all of these cleaned and oiled them to preserve the leather. The one in the photo was probably one of the more beat up pairs and they came out looking fairly nice. These are used not new, do not expect a brand new pair of boots.

There are no hopes of restocking these so purchase them while you can.