SS Officers Sword - Defect

SS Officers Sword - Defect

Product Details

These are our higher quality replicas. The pommel, guard, ferrule, scabbard, and SS grip insignia fittings are made of a polished steel. The grip is black ribbed with metal wire wrapped into it. The scabbard is made of steel and is painted black. The blade is nickel plated and marked with the Peter Daniel Krebs crawfish proof mark.

DEFECT: The last batch came in with some rusting spots on the blades, some swords are worse than others but all have it so we are offering them at a discounted rate. The screws in the scabbard are also brass and they should be nickel plated. The rust can be cleaned off but there will most likely be some pitting on the blade. These are a great candidate to age and display as a wall hanger.