Original M1933 SA Dagger By E. Pack & Sohne

Original M1933 SA Dagger By E. Pack & Sohne
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Original M1933 SA Dagger made by E. Pack & Sohne one of the more common SA Dagger makers of the period. Overall this is a decent example of an early SA Dagger however it definitely shows its age. The acid etched motto "Alles fur Deutschland" and "E.P.&S. maker mark are in nice shape and very clear. Unfortunately the blade has a chip on the tip and some age grey and spotting but other than that it is in good overall condition. The scabbard shows oxidation wear and has a small dent in it. The nickel scabbard fittings are also in overall decent condition with the exception of a tiny dent on the tip however it retains its original round shape and all 4 screws. The crossguards are in great condition with the lower reverse crossguard being Gau Stamped "Nrh" (Niederrhein). The brown grip has a medium brown finish with some chips in it, there are also a few small cracks that run with the grain of the wood most likely from drying out over the years. The nickel eagle is nicely detailed and the SA roundel retains nearly all of its enameling and nickel finish. This also features a nice and supple leather 3 piece hanger with RZM markings on the clip.