WW1 German/Prussian Cuirassier Pickelhaube - Silver

WW1 German/Prussian Cuirassier Pickelhaube - Silver

Product Details

Reproduction of the 19th/20th Century Prussian Cuirassier Pickelhaube (Lobster Tail), in Black colored metal.

These were mainly worn by the Cavalry however they became very popular among higher ranking officers and you can see them worn in official pictures and portraits from the time period. Due to the distinctive shape of the neck guard the Allied forces referred to them as Lobster-tail helmets.

This is the silver version and was worn by Cuirassiers of the line from 1842 on.

These will fit roughly a size 57-59cm head

Warning: None of these are perfect they all have a small ding or dent in them.