Original NSKK Dagger by FR.V.D.KOHLEN

Original NSKK Dagger by FR.V.D.KOHLEN

Product Details

Original NSKK Dagger by FR.V.D.KOHLEN with hanger. This one has seen better days and is priced accordingly. The acid etched motto "Alles fur Deutschland" and "FR.V.D.KOHLEN" maker mark are in nice shape and very clear. Unfortunately the blade has a few small chips/dents and shows age grey and spotting other than that it is in good overall condition. The scabbard has a few scratches and dents which can be seen in the photos it is also missing one of its screws and the round tip has been crushed. Even with the dents the blade slides in and out without getting stuck or hung up. The nickel cross guards are in nice shape and the medium wood grip does not appear to have any cracks and only one chip just below the eagle. The eagle sits nicely into the grip and the SA button retains all of its enameling. The grips do not fit perfectly into the crossguards making us think this could possibly have been a parts dagger. The hanger is dried but still pliable enough to unbuckle it. This is a nice display piece even though it has its issues it still looks good on the front side which matters when displaying.