K98 Sling (Defect)

K98 Sling (Defect)

Product Details

These are our regular K98 Slings and are still very functional. For an additional cost we will oil them for you.

Defect: In the last batch there were a number of them that must of had something spilled on them during the manufacturing process as a result dye does not take to them in these spots. Oil will soak into them but you can still see the spots, over time and with use I am sure these will simply blend with the rest of the sling. There are also a few where the cross hatch pattern is very faint.

These can also be used on G/K43's & MP43/44's.

These measure approximately 49 inches in length.

Markings: These are all Waffenamt marked here in our shop, we do our best to get a nice crisp impression but not all come out perfect. However with use these markings just like originals will become difficult to read and most likely completely disappear.