Reproduction K98 Bayonet With Scabbard, Economy

Reproduction K98 Bayonet With Scabbard, Economy

Product Details

Reproduction K98 Bayonets, Economy. We recently received a batch of bayonets that are just simply not up to par for us. However we are fairly picky about the items we carry so to most these are perfectly fine for reenacting. The plastic grips and grip screws are okay but not the best, it looks like someone took a fine grade rotary sander to them in spots but that does not become evident until you are a foot or two away from it. The scabbards themselves are very close to the originals we have, all of the original bayonets we tried fit right into them. The blades are marked with serial number "2285" and makers code "42cul" the scabbards are completely free of markings.

Fit: These do not fit onto a K98 rifle.

These are CLOSE OUTS when they are gone that is it we will not get them in again.

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