EM Service Belt - Brown Leather

EM Service Belt - Brown Leather

Product Details

These are the same Belts we always offer we just have an overstock of certain size belts. So instead of just putting the overstock sizes on sale we decided to just simply put them all on sale. Some are a light brown with a green belt hook and others are a medum/dark brown with a grey hook either way they are still a nice quality belt at a rediculously good price.

New reproduction Enlisted mans brown leather belt. Mainly seen being worn by Luftwaffe troops but were issued to other branches of the German Army during WWII.
These belts are made smooth side out cowhide leather and sewn together using white linen thread. We also went the extra step and added the proper fieldgrey belt hooks. The hooks were reproduced using an unissued original Assmann belt hook.

You can now add a basic Economy EM buckle to your belt for an additional $20.00)

Finding Your Size:
1. When sizing yourself for a German belt you need to take into consideration the fact that it is worn over a tunic, greatcoat, parka, smock etc.
2. The Germans made belts in metric sizes which is the overall length of the belt not the actual waist measurement.
3. The sizes listed are the belts exact measurements please measure yourself just above your belly button with your tunic on.